"My name is Robert Semidei, Jr. I am a four-time Golden Gloves Champion, a three-time Metro Area Champion, Northeast Junior Olympic Champion, and I recently turned professional and won by a unanimous decision.

My trainer Felipe Gomez is always working me real hard. His philosophy for winning is simple: 'Work harder than the other guy.' So to achieve that objective, my training is intense. I start with roadwork (about 5-7 miles a day) followed by jump rope, heavy bag, speed bag, sit ups, and sparring. The pace is grueling, but you do whatever it takes to win. We’re always trying new things to improve my game. And, months before my first professional bout, coach gave me a bottle of Corduzin. He said it would give me an edge. I had never heard of it, but thought I might as well try it.

I took Corduzin daily for 60 days and by the day of the fight my stamina had never felt better in the eight years that I’ve been boxing. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have won without it, but I do believe Corduzin gave me a distinct advantage over the competition."